Businesses today aim at improving visibility on Google. A wonderful, cheap way to do this is by optimizing your Google Business Profile (GBP). The listing gives customers a snapshot of your business, highlighting your products or services, address, telephone number, and reviews. All these features make it easier for customers to find, learn, and engage with your business efficiently.

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Here’s How We Help Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Local search results are more significant for each search, according to Google. Therefore, business owners must complete their Google Business profile with accurate information to match what customers in their area search about.

Having a GBP is essential to your business and it will benefit in the following ways:

⦁ Showing up in Google Maps searches
⦁ Amplifying your online presence
⦁ Improving your reputation online
⦁ Boosting local rankings
⦁ Gaining a competitive advantage
⦁ Increasing customer engagements
⦁ Enhancing leads and conversions

This is what to expect from our Google Business Profile management service.

Populating Your Google Business Profile

A GBP is the best way for customers to find a locally-based business on search results. Having a completed profile allows Google’s algorithms to push your brand up in the SERPs. Your current and potential customers also get fast and valuable information about your business.

Having a complete GBP is more than your name, address, and website. Our management service will include filling your profile with complete information about your business, including:

⦁ Name of your business
⦁ Phone number
⦁ Address
⦁ Website
⦁ Description
⦁ Operating hours
⦁ Categories and additional categories

As part of our SEO optimization, we also include your business opening date, products or services, and attributes. We add high-quality photos and videos telling potential customers about your work. Adding your logo and cover image allows you to meet Google’s best practices.

Adding Your Business Description

A description is essential for a GBP since it gives Google rich content about your business. It’s up to 750 characters, including numbers, punctuation, and spaces. We optimize your business description as follows:

⦁ Mentioning your primary business category
⦁ Adding your high-value services or products
⦁ Specifying a target location or service area
⦁ Including your unique selling propositions
⦁ Adding social proof, such as the founding date
⦁ Highlighting offers and promotions

Updating Your Working Hours

People searching for your services or products want to know when your business is open. We ensure this by updating your GBP with your work hours as part of our management package. It would not be good for customers to see that you’re open on your profile, yet your office is closed.

Updating your work hours lets customers know when to reach you, visit your location, and purchase your services or products. If you aren’t available as you say, customers are more likely to switch to other reliable businesses. We update your working hours, including holiday hours ahead.

Choosing the Right Business Categories

Part of creating a GBP is adding your business category. There are over 10 categories to choose from. Google offers predefined categories, so you can’t add your own. However, we use the categories that best describe your business.

We don’t just use all 10 categories since your profile will look messy. Ideally, two to three categories are enough. Appropriate categorization allows customers to find your business easily when searching for services or products using keywords such as “xx service near me.”

Selecting Applicable Attributes

Google allows using attributes instead of keywords to identify particular search qualities in your GBP. We select all applicable attributes that illustrate the unique features of your business. These depend on your business category. We keep updating them as part of our management service in case Google introduces new and more relevant ones.

Verifying Your Location

A GBP relies on local searches. Therefore, you must verify your profile by completing the verification process. Google offers two verification options; you can only see what is available inside your account.

Individual verification is for businesses with a single service location. Verification is by postcard, phone, or email. Using a postcard takes about 14 days, making verifying by phone or email more convenient and faster.

If you have more than one location, you must use bulk verification. It’s available for businesses in more than 10 service locations. Regardless of your verification option, we will do the hard work for you to complete the process of setting up your profile.


Any business with a physical location must have an optimized GBP to make it easy for customers to discover it online. We offer GBP management to make your business appear on search results on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Our services include adding a description of your business, attributes, and photos to make your profile stand out. A fully completed profile significantly boosts your local search rankings to get more customers.