How Does the NFC Google Review Card Work?

Simply hold the card behind any NFC-enabled phone and your Google Review page will open for your customer to leave you a glowing review!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the card safe to use?

Yes! The car uses the same technology as hotel room key cards, we however program the cards to direct your client to your Google Review page. 

Is there a limit to how many reviews I can get?

The GMB Ninja Review card is not limited to the number of reviews you can collect.

Is there a time limit to use the card?

No the card is yours to use forever!

Does my customer need a Google account to submit a review?

In short yes your customers need to have a Google account.

Most smartphone users have a Google account through YouTube, Gmail, or Google Maps. In fact, 93% of people with a smartphone have a Google account.

Can I change the review on my card?

Unfortunately now as we program the cards specifically for your business.

If you would like to use a different link, you will need to order a new card with the updated information.

Is it safe to carry around with me?

Yes, it is. A lot of our customers are trades businesses such as plumbers, mobile car wash providers etc. You can keep the card in your wallet or purse or store it where convenient. 

Do I need to use your other services with this card?

No, this card can be used stand-alone and without our managed services. With that said out clients that perform best in Google leverage our services with the card for maximum effect. 

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