Google My Business has a new name. It’s now called Google Business Profile. This change makes it easier for businesses to share info with customers on Google Search and Maps. Having up-to-date details online is key for local shops and services.

These changes bring tools like the Q&A section where people can ask questions, and insights that show who is looking at your business online.

The way customers find shops on their phones is changing too. Now there are special ads just for mobile users that can help your business stand out in your area. But watch out: if you stop running your business, Google might remove it from search results so people won’t get confused.

For small shop owners, knowing about these updates matters a lot. Using these new parts of Google well could make more people visit your store or use your service. Keep learning about this stuff because it’s big news for how you do things online! Get ready to see what else you should know about keeping up with the times.

Key Takeaways

  • Google My Business is now Google Business Profile, making it simpler for businesses to update their info directly on Google Search and Maps.
  • New features like the Google Q&A section and extended insights data help local businesses interact better with customers and understand their online presence.
  • Local pack ads on mobile are crucial for small business owners to increase visibility and attract more customers in their area.
  • It’s important for local businesses to keep track of changes like the removal of permanently closed listings from search results to keep attracting potential customers.
  • Small business success depends on staying aware of these updates and using new tools effectively to improve online engagement.

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Google My Business Changes in 2022

Following the rebranding to Google Business Profile, local businesses have experienced significant impact. The changes have brought about a lack of awareness and uncertainty amongst users, particularly in the small business sector.

Rebranding to Google Business Profile

Google My Business got a new name – it’s now called Google Business Profile. This big change means you might have to look for your business listing under this new label. The switch helps simplify things since most people use Google Search and Maps to find businesses like yours.

Updating your profile is easier too. You can do it right from Google Search or Maps, making sure customers see the latest about your shop or service. Get noticed online and keep your details fresh with this handy change!

Impact on local businesses

With the rebranding to Google Business Profile, local businesses may experience a significant impact on their online presence. The changes bring new features and updates that can affect how customers find and interact with your business.

The lack of awareness and uncertainty amongst users about these modifications could result in missed opportunities for local businesses to connect with potential customers or clients.

This emphasises the importance of staying informed about the latest GMB updates to ensure that you are utilising all available features to optimise your online business presence and enhance your local SEO.

Major changes implemented by Google will affect how your business is displayed on the platform, potentially impacting customer engagement and traffic. For instance, the removal of permanently closed listings and classic version of Google Plus could affect how potential customers perceive your business.

Additionally, the introduction of the Q&A feature provides an opportunity to engage directly with customers, while access to longer insights data can offer valuable information for refining small business marketing strategies.

Lack of Awareness and Uncertainty Amongst Users

Many users, including nearly a third of respondents, were unaware of the changes to Google My Business. Two-thirds expressed uncertainty about their feelings towards the updates, with local businesses being the most uninformed.

Nearly a third of respondents unaware

A significant finding reveals that almost 33% of the survey participants are not aware of the recent changes to Google Business Profile. Furthermore, approximately two-thirds of the respondents expressed uncertainty about their feelings towards these alterations.

Surprisingly, local businesses appear to be the most uninformed about these updates, highlighting the critical need for small business owners to stay informed and actively engaged in understanding how these changes may impact them.

These findings underscore the importance of ensuring that local businesses remain vigilant and proactive in keeping up with the latest developments within Google Business Profile. Let’s delve into major changes implemented by Google as a result of rebranding to understand its potential impact on local businesses.

Two-thirds unsure of their feelings

Many small business owners are uncertain about the recent changes to Google My Business. Nearly two-thirds of respondents express uncertainty and confusion about how these changes will impact their businesses.

It’s crucial for local businesses to stay informed and adapt to these updates, as they directly affect visibility in local search results, which can significantly impact business success.

Moving on to “Major Changes Implemented by Google” –

Local businesses most unaware

While two-thirds of users are unsure about their feelings towards the recent Google My Business changes, it’s concerning to note that local businesses seem to be the most unaware of these updates.

As a small business owner, staying informed about these changes is crucial for maintaining your online presence and visibility. The lack of awareness among local businesses could potentially impact their ability to leverage new features and adapt their strategies for local SEO success.

Ensuring that you are aware of these changes and how they can benefit your business is essential in navigating the evolving landscape of Google Business Profile. With the right knowledge, you can make informed decisions to optimise your business listing on Google and improve your local search engine optimisation.

Major Changes Implemented by Google

Google has made several significant changes to Google My Business, including the removal of permanently closed listings and the classic version of Google Plus. The introduction of new features such as the Google Q&A feature and longer insights data access will have a direct impact on local businesses.

Removal of permanently closed listings

Closed listings that were marked as permanently closed have been removed from Google Business Profile, impacting the visibility of local businesses. This change ensures that only open and operating establishments are displayed to potential customers, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of search results.

As a small business owner, it’s crucial to keep your profile updated with accurate information about your operating status to maintain a strong online presence and attract more customers.

This modification emphasises the importance of managing your Google Business Profile effectively for better visibility in local searches. By ensuring that your listing accurately reflects your current operational status, you can maximise its impact on nearby consumers searching for products or services relevant to your business.

Removal of classic version of Google Plus

Google has removed the classic version of Google Plus as part of its recent changes. This means that any content or information previously shared on the classic version will no longer be available.

Small business owners need to be aware of this change and ensure they have updated their Google Business Profile with current and relevant information to maintain an active online presence.

Keeping your profile up-to-date is essential for attracting potential customers and maintaining a positive online reputation.

The removal of the classic version underscores the importance of regularly monitoring and updating your Google Business Profile. By staying informed about these changes, small businesses can leverage new features and increase their visibility in local search results.

Introduction of Google Q&A feature

After the removal of the classic version of Google Plus, Google introduced a new feature called Google Q&A. This feature allows users to ask questions directly on a business’s profile and receive answers from both the business owner and other customers.

The Q&A section provides an opportunity for small businesses to engage directly with their potential customers, address their concerns or inquiries, and showcase their expertise in real-time.

It also helps in building trust and credibility, as businesses can provide accurate information about their products or services.

Access to longer insights data

You can now access more detailed insights data on Google Business Profile. This includes information about how customers find your business online and interact with your listing. With this data, you can make informed decisions to improve your online presence and attract more local customers.

Utilise these insights to understand customer behaviour and tailor your strategies for better results.

Now let’s take a look at the impact of local pack ads on mobile devices.

Local pack ads on mobile

With the rise of mobile search, it’s essential for local businesses to leverage the power of local pack ads on mobile. These ads appear above organic results and can significantly increase your business visibility among potential customers in your area.

By targeting specific locations and using compelling ad copy, you can attract nearby customers who are actively searching for products or services that you offer. Utilising this feature effectively can give your small business a competitive edge in the local market and drive more foot traffic to your physical location.

Small business owners should take advantage of local pack ads on mobile as part of their digital marketing strategy. These ads provide a direct channel to reach nearby consumers at the moment they’re ready to make a purchase decision.

Conclusion and Takeaways

Staying informed about the latest Google My Business changes is crucial for local businesses to stay ahead in their digital marketing efforts. With new features and updates, there are opportunities for businesses to enhance their online presence and ultimately impact their success.

Importance of staying informed

It’s crucial for small business owners to stay informed about the changes in Google My Business, now called Google Business Profile. Understanding these updates can help you take full advantage of new features and stay competitive in local search results.

By staying informed, you can adapt your strategies according to the latest tools available and ensure that potential customers can easily find and engage with your business online.

Keeping abreast of Google My Business changes is essential for maximising your local SEO impact and maintaining a strong online presence as a small business.

New features to utilise

Google Business Profile now offers longer insights data, providing small business owners with more detailed information about how customers are finding them online.

Impact on local business success.

Changes in Google Business Profile can significantly impact your local business success. With the removal of permanently closed listings and the introduction of new features like the Google Q&A, local pack ads, and longer insights data, it’s crucial to stay informed about these modifications.

By leveraging these new features effectively, you can enhance your local SEO importance and better support your business within your community.

The influence of these changes on nearby firms is substantial. Small businesses need to adapt to these alterations for their online presence and visibility. Staying informed about Google My Business updates helps in utilising new features efficiently, which ultimately affects regional companies’ success positively.


1. What does Google My Business login change mean for local businesses?

The Google My Business login change to Google Business Profile manager means local business owners need to sign in differently to manage their information and support their customers.

2. How will the GMB app retirement affect small businesses?

With the GMB app retirement, small businesses must now use the new Google Business Profile manager on the web for managing their profiles, which could impact how they update their info and interact with customers.

3. Can I still get help for my local business after these changes?

Yes, you can get help through the updated platform where you can access all your usual tools and features to support your local business just like before.

4. Will there be any effect on how customers find my business due to these updates?

These updates may lead to changes in how your business shows up online, so it’s important to keep your profile up-to-date using the new system for better visibility.

5. Are there benefits from The Influence of Google My Business Modifications on Nearby Firms?

Yes! These modifications might bring new tools that could improve how regional companies attract customers and present themselves online.